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“The Pills Almost Killed Me.” After Years Of Medication Claus Møller On How CBD Healed His Body

At the age of 11 Claus was diagnosed with psoriasis and arthritis and spent almost three decades on a cocktail of medication till his body couldn’t take anymore. He spent the next eleven years in and out of hospital to treat his atrial fibrillation until he discovered hemp oil. Not only did hemp oil transform his health, it transformed his personality, social circles and lifestyle too.

Milagro: You’ve spent most of your life in hospitals. When did you first discover you were sick?

My mother found a tiny lump on my back when I was young boy, around the age of 11. In the beginning I was fine. Bar the lump I had no other symptoms and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. It took them 6 years of testing to diagnose me and by then my condition had worsened considerably. I had cramps in my legs and lockjaw. The lump on my back grew. I was in constant pain.

Milagro: How did they treat your arthritis?

Lots of medication. I was on 18 pills a day. All types of painkillers including morphine. Every year they’d give me new medication. They were never sure what would work so they’d give me different things and say, “Try this.” I felt like a guinea pig. Nothing worked. Instead, the medication started to rot my stomach and I got ulcers. The more medicine they gave me, the worse I felt. I’d wake up in the morning puking blood.

Milagro: When did you stop taking prescription pills?

After the eighth ulcer, I couldn’t take any more pills. My body forced me to stop. My heart was so weak from the years of medication I contracted atrial fibrillation and was in and out of hospital up to 10 times a year for the next 11 years.

Milagro: Did you look for alternative therapies at that point?

No. But I came home one day and caught the end of a TV show about cannabis. That was enough to spark my interest. I went online and did some research. I spent about 6 months researching cannabis before I worked up the courage to actually buy some. I remember feeling like a criminal and being terrified that someone might open my post. I even told the doctors what I was doing because I wanted to do it the safest way possible.

Milagro: How did they react?

They said it was a stupid idea and I’d end up a junkie.

Milagro: But you didn’t listen to them?

I was tired of listening to them. Everything they’d done had only made me worse.


‘’I began with three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening as instructed by my contact and after just three weeks I felt so much better. I felt like a new person. My pain was gone. ‘’


Milagro: So you bought some oil online?

Yes but it was really hard to get good quality. For years, I fumbled around buying bad quality oil that didn’t really help. It wasn’t until three years ago when I found a better contact through social media that I was able to get good quality CBD oil and start to really feel its benefits.

Milagro: What dosage did you start with and how did it change your health?

I began with three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening as instructed by my contact and after just three weeks I felt so much better. I felt like a new person. My pain was gone. My heart condition was so terrifying. I could have died at any minute. Once I started taking CBD oil, my fear was gone, which calmed my heart. My stomach settled down too, which eased my ulcers.

Milagro: How has the oil changed your life?

When I was sick I needed people around to take care of me. But I was always alone and terrified of being alone. I was terrified of everything. Every day hurt. In the last three years I’ve started hunting and fishing. I travel abroad for hunting trips. I recently spent three weeks in Sweden hunting wild boar with a rifle. That kind of thing was totally unimaginable when I was sick. Basically, I’m not afraid anymore. Plus I have three freezers full of meat in my garage so friends and family come to my house to eat regularly. Or my wife and I go out to eat, which we never did when I was sick. I’m no longer isolated. I have a big network of friends.

Milagro: What did it mean to find a safe place to buy hemp oil from?

Everything. I trust my source and know exactly what I’m buying, how strong it is and how much I need to take. And because it’s helped me so much, I’m in a position to advise other people. I spent 24 years as part of the medical system and they almost killed me. CBD not only saved my life, it gave me a life. Today, I’m buying oil in bulk to help other people with all sorts of conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, eczema, psoriasis and to treat the side-effects of chemo. I’m even giving it to my 78-year-old mother.

Milagro: Your mother!?

Yeah! She loves it. When people say to her, Frau Møller you’re looking great, she smiles and says, “I’m on cannabis.” Just the other day I got a beautiful message from another woman I’m helping. Would you like to hear it?

Milagro: Yes please.

This is what she wrote: “Hi Claus. There has been a miracle and I’m certain it’s thanks to your help. After a hard battle with chemo, I was scheduled to have radiation therapy. I was in the treatment room lying on the cold table and waiting for the treatment to begin. Fifteen minutes passed, then thirty and I didn’t understand why it was taking so long. I was scared because I thought they’d found more cancer. Then two doctors came in and told me my cancer was gone. They couldn’t believe it. Nobody can explain what has happened but I have my little secret. I can never thank you enough. You have given me my life back.”

Milagro: Do you see a world where CBD oil is easily available for everyone?

That’s what I’m fighting for and yes, I believe it will come.


This interview has been edited and condensed.