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All of Our Projects are Sustainable

Our experience has convinced us that protecting local ecosystems is beneficial to everyone. Milagro is committed to creating sustainable sources of hemp. We take great care to ensure that all of our projects have a positive long-term impact on surrounding habitats.

Every tree planted absorbs CO2, helping to minimise damage to the earth and prevent global warming.

Exit & Distribution Routes:
Clear & Defined Exit Strategy

Most of your plant extract will be sold and distributed on the domestic UK and South African markets, especially through London, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The demand for quality here has never been stronger and the spending power for Milagrocbdoil continues to increase.

We predominately distribute CBD in South Africa, UK and Ireland, so the sale of your plants will not be adversely affected in any way by any eventual consequences of Brexit.

Harvests from all of our Milagro production sites don’t take long to reach their destinations by road. Our policy of using centralised farms means that we make it easy for the buyers of your plants to reach the 7 million plus in our market radius. Produce from our other plantation sites in Spain and South Africa take no longer than 72 hours to reach their final locations. Our own franchise network has the ability to market B2B, wholesaler, vendor and even home sellers.

Supply & Demand

There Has Never Been A Higher Demand. We sell predominately to South African because it imports its produce. This is because there are not enough plants grown in South Africa to meet demand. Milagro now accounts for around 80% of all plants sold in South Africa every year through our agricultural programme, which will finally meet the demand of our own supply chain. The benefit for producers and investors? Milagro has quadrupled its market in just one year. (See store locations

The Milagro franchise was responsible for over 10,000 of the units sold in the last year alone. There has never been a higher demand for hemp, particularly milagrocbdoil, so now is the time to be investing in the Milagro agricultural sector to help grow and be a partner of this amazing group.

For Business

To anyone that’s ever told you money
doesn’t grow on trees, you can tell them this: money may not grow on trees, but you can certainly make money from growing hemp


€25,000 Minimum Investment Option to Exit at only 12 Months! Asset-Backed Security Invest in GBP, Euro or USD

Largest Legalised Hemp production facility in Europe - spain FIND OUT MORE Hemp plant Loan Note Investment

The company is focused on the cultivation and production of hemp CBD products. Its aim? To deliver industry-leading healthcare solutions that demonstrate measurable excellence and value.

The company is proud to be the largest cultivation facility in Europe, with its primary goal being to help people live healthier lives.

Milagro CBD Oil
Loan Note Investment

30% return over 24 months. 12% year one; 18% year two.

Milagrocbdoil are leading industry experts in hemp and have access to a 95-hectare facility, with the hopes of producing 100,000kg comparison site with a market capacity of $40,000,000 at the current market price. The investment is Brexit-proof.

The Rise of the CBD Market

Europe's population is more than twice the size of the US and Canada combined, suggesting potential for a considerably larger CBD market. With public favour swinging in support of CBD, pressure is being placed on local authorities and governments to utilise the power of hemp. As many more countries are expected to legalise the plant, we believe that it’s only a matter of time before we see full support across the globe. In only ten years’ time, it is estimated that the CBD market will be worth $55.2bn. Cannabis is becoming one of the world’s fastest and most profitable industries for investors to enter into.

MILAGRO NETWORK IS GROWING. BEING THE NO.1 ranked CBD franchise worldwide shows you our level of experience and expertise

Join today and see a better tomorrow for everyone.