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CBD bath bombs make for a relaxing, healing experience. The sodium bicarbonate in CBD bath bombs works when the bath bomb is submerged in water by reacting with citric acid to release carbon dioxide. The bath bomb then disintegrates, releasing into the water fragrances and skin-conditioners like salts and oils.

The novelty of bath bombs makes them a fun gift to present to friends who might need a relaxing soak in the tub. Essentially, bath bombs add oils to the water in your bathtub, which are moisturizing and with their pleasant scents, can have a therapeutic soothing, or refreshing effect.


Of course, some bath bombs include zany ingredients like glitter, cupcake sprinkles, and colorants.

These products might leave you looking like you’ve been wrestling with a child’s art project, or picking cupcake sprinkles out of nooks and crannies where the sun doesn’t shine. But the components of Milagro CBD bath bombs will not irritate your skin with dyes and strange, gimmicky ingredients. Instead, the CBD in our bath bombs links to therapeutic stress- and anxiety-relieving massage


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